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12 Inch 72W LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Fog Lights Jeep Off Road Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty

12 Inch 72W LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Fog Lights Jeep Off Road Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty Item NO: NW-S-72W

US$ 18.89
  • 12Inch 72W Light Bar
Product Name 12 Inch 72W LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Fog Lights Jeep Off Road Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty
Item NO NW-S-72W
Weight 1.1500 kg = 2.5353 lb = 40.5651 oz
Category LED Light Bar
Creation time 2015-01-29

LED Power: 72W (24 x 3W High Intensity LED) 
Beam Pattern: Flood Spot Combo Beam 
Input Voltage: 9-30V DC (fits 12V, 24V vehicles) 
Working Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours 
Working Temperature: -40~85 degrees Celsius 
LED Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K-6500K 
Material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy Profile, High quality Led Chips, PC Lens 
Waterproof Rate: IP67; Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosive. 

Off Road Lighting: Jeep, 4x4, Car, ATV, UTV, SUV, Truck, Trailer, Forklift, Train, Boat, Bus, Outdoor lighting,Back up Light etc. 
Other Lighting: Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Tractor, Harvester, Grain Drill, Snowplow, Fire engine, Rescue Vehicle, Mining Lighting, Construction Lighting, etc. 
Household Lighting: Garden, Backyard, Garage, Indoor Lighting. (Note: Use a voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V to DC 12V for indoor use.) 


Rat trap

Works great but The screw rusted out which ruined my paint


Amazon Customer

I like everything about these lights except the wiring....they should come with the ends already installed so that your wiring harness is truly a plug and the the wiring harness/toggle switch combo I bought separately to wire 2 lights ....factory install the electrical ends on the light wires !! Not a big deal to do it but unnecessary


Shawn Reynolds

got these installed professionally, the person who installed them said everything was there and it only took 15 mins to hook them up to my high beam switch. this makes a huge difference here in AK where the moose like to dart across the road. this light will illuminate both the sides of the road as well as front.



There is no way this is almost 800 watts. My last light bar was brighter and was half that wattage, hense why I got this one. Next condensation started showing up a few weeks after I bought it, so it is NOT weatherproof!! Very disappointing seeing u could have gotten a cheapo with the same results lol total waste of money...



Be patient while installing does work


Amazon Customer

Zero complaints the mounts a little wonky sliding center mounts vs conventional tabs but not really a downside


Meant to Be

For this money are you kidding wow.


Amazon Customer

Ordered this on Jan 2nd and installed about a week later. Super bright pretty badass light. Problem is, on April 4th, the entire right half of the light bar quit working. I certainly expected it to last longer than that.



Amazing product looks great with my other bologna products super bright and also stands up to the weather



First things first, this light bar DOES work. It throws light, just as you would expect. That's about as much good as I can say about it.

However, it is clearly NOT a 72W light bar as claimed. The amount of light thrown was CLEARLY not in the ballpark of what 72W would produce, so I did some measurements... at 13.9V, this draws 1.49 amps, which means that in actuality, it's a 21W light bar - less than 1/3rd of what is claimed!

The build quality is also quite questionable - a good number of the LEDs are VERY off-center in the reflectors, detracting from the projection pattern.

On a good note, the clamps are nice and solid.

Now, if you're fine with a 21 watt light bar, that's fine, and this is very inexpensive. Just don't count on this being terribly bright, reaching terribly far, or being waterproof.



nice light bar awesome price


Amazon Customer

Perfect fit and very bright!!!


GM Goodwrench

Great lights at a low price, mounted this to my snowblower lights up the whole driveway


aaron roehrig

I have two of these light bars one works perfect and the other has a problem... Only half of it last lights up. The one that works is very bright.


roy hunter

These lights are bright and worked perfect for my crappie fishing boat!


Jeff Knodel

Mounted on my truck


Justin Kainec

Phenomenal light output for the size and price. Fairly easy to install in my 2012 Silverado. The light is sturdy and well made and the included mounting brackets are solid. Glad I realized it doesn't come with the harness and added the appropriate one to my order. No complaints here. I will definitely look to Nilight again.


Victor Quimi

Una barra súper que maravillosa lo que estaba buscando algo diferente.


Amazon Customer

Muy buena luminosidad excelente producto para el precio


Christian Tejada

Light bar is awesome, light is great, no complain on that part, however, after a couple of months, i can tell is no ip67 degree of water protection, every rainy/washing day, moisture get inside the light bar more and more, as you can see in the pictures.

according to the definition, the second number, 7, means according to the definition:

Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion), tested with the lowest point of the enclosure 1000 mm below the surface of the water for 30 minutes

can't do nothing about it right now (refund, exchange), but open it and try to seal it, since i'm sure it won't last the rainy season like that

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