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2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led Off Road Lights Super Bright Driving Fog Light Boat Lights Driving Lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp,2 Years Warranty

2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led Off Road Lights Super Bright Driving Fog Light Boat Lights Driving Lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp,2 Years Warranty Item NO: NW-S-36

US$ 23.99
Beam Pattam
Flood Spot
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  • 2pcs 36w 6.5 inch LED light bar
Product Name 2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led Off Road Lights Super Bright Driving Fog Light Boat Lights Driving Lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp,2 Years Warranty
Item NO NW-S-36
Weight 1.4000 kg = 3.0865 lb = 49.3835 oz
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Tag 36W led light bar , 6.5inch led light bar , driving light bar
Creation time 2015-02-02

LED Power: 36W (12 x 3W High Intensity LED) 
Beam Pattern: Spot /Flood; Lumen: 2520LM 
Input Voltage: 9-30V DC (fits 12V, 24V vehicles) 
Working Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours 
Working Temperature: -40~85 degrees Celsius 
LED Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K-6500K 
Material: 6063 Aluminum Profile, High quality Led Chips, PC Lens 
Waterproof Rate: IP67; Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosive. 
Certifications: CE, FCC and RoHS 
Off Road Lighting: Back Up Light, ATV, SUV, Truck, Trailer, Forklift, Trains, Boat, Outdoor lighting, etc. 
Other Lighting: Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Mining, Tractor, Harvester, Grain Drill, Fire engine, Rescue Vehicle, etc. 
Household Lighting: Garden, Backyard, Garage, Indoor Lighting. (Note: Use a voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V to DC 12V.) 


John taylor

Great light for my quad


J. Hall

After watching the video for these lights, I knew right away that these were the lights to have. They went on fairly easy. I replaced my old fog lights on my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee with these 36 watt LED lights. I spliced the wires in with my old fog lamps and they work great! They lit up the whole forest - from top to bottom, and side to side! It's really hard to believe that these lights are really 36 watts! Back in the day, you'd have to use lights at 1 million CP (candle power) to get a similar effect, but these lights throw out an impressive crisp hyper white!
The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, so the extra cooling fins aid in keeping the housing cool. I did experience a little condensation inside the lens, but the afternoon Sun quickly dried out the dampness from the inside of the lens. Since then, no problems at all. Here in Connecticut, our Winters can be pretty harsh. The lights held up to whatever Mother Nature dished out for the season. Definitely worth the money!


Anthony s

Supper bright



Easy to install. So far no problems. Over a year.



Had to modify brackets but lights are very nice apparently well made


Paige O'Keefe

These lights aren't bad at all for the price. I have a brush guard on my 98 Grand Cherokee and putting them on and in place was easy. I wired them directly to the wires for my fog lights that have been long burned out. I followed my state's (Michigan) laws on how high they can be mounted, and other stuff. I've driven right behind, and in across from cops about a dozen and never got pulled over for them being too bright or in violation of any laws. Stock lights on a 98ZJ are abysmal and these definitely help me see at night, so making sure I could use them in cities and on the highway was really important for me.

The issue I didn't anticipate however was the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that come with these. EMI can and most likely will interfere with your radio with these things. You'll notice right away that when turned on, your radio signal on any station will either go complete static or get some variation of increase in static. That's EMI interfering with your signal. Easiest thing you can do to counter this is put some ferrite cores on the wiring and you will completely deaden the interference. So factor the price of some ferrite cores ($5 gets you a pack of 20 different sizes here on Amazon) into your purchase as well, then compare to other brands (which may also give off a ton of EMI)


Amazon Customer

Working better than expected,but I did take it apart and put gaskets everywhere to make sure it to prevent water getting in. I had about 16 of them on my big truck and within about 2 years only 3 died but 1 was completely under water once and I've done about 200k miles all over the country with them


Josh Carty

I have bought several of these. Great value at a great price


jared e.

Put these on a mini excavator, and they work great! Easy install and high light output makes a great product!


Sean Pannell

Installed on my four wheeler. These things are awesome! It’s almost spooky at night how they light up the tops of the trees. I’ve ran these all last hunting season without any issues at all. They’ve been wet, muddy, frozen, you name it. No fogging lenses or water intrusion.



Looks great in my bull bar
Installation was easy


Wade H.

Installed in the bumper of my Hummer H3. I’d recommend a 30” for this application so you don’t have to trim but it looks great and has performed great.



These fit the need I bought them for which is illuminating turns off road at night. For that they worked great. They are not very bright though. Imagine old incandescent headlights. They do what they are supposed to do and seem of decent quality. Wish they were about twice as bright.


Terry Ray

Thay work great



Plenty of light output
Quality materials



Very bright and easy to install. I bought the 36w 6.5w and will be buying 10 more for my flounder boat.



Barely two months in, and there’s already moisture inside the unit. For all I know, it happened even sooner than two months. Guess you get what you pay for.


Garry Kinder

Causes severe static in audio system. Very bright but mounting is weak and very hard to adjust when mounted



I love this light bar. It's super bright but unfortunately 6 leds went out and I have no idea why. I would have given all five stars but they went out after 1 month of having it.


Kimberly O.

I have had these on for about a year I still work great

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